Our 2022 Funding Round is now open until 19 August.

This year there will be two options:

  • Grants under $20,000
  • Grants over $20,000.


Re-engaging learners, their families and whanau, and members of the school’s wider community, in the learning community of their school. While this would not exclude consideration of other initiatives, interventions, and projects, the CET will be looking very closely at proposals aligned with this focus.

Please go to the Granting page for information on our strategic priorities and focus for the funding round.

About Cognition Education Trust

The Cognition Education Trust supports educational initiatives that draw on collaboration and evidence, to increase capabilities of individuals and communities, maximising their potential to create a fairer society.

The CET invests in educational research, initiatives, interventions and projects that address inequalities in particular for Māori, Pasifika and student support learners in learning outcomes and increased teacher effectiveness.
Learning outcomes are both the social and the cognitive skills and capabilities valued in our society. The definition of “teacher” embraces a broad range of people who impact on a student’s learning outcomes and includes members of the teaching profession, related professions, support staff, parents, family and whanau and the wider community.

The Cognition Education Trust is a registered NZ Charity and 100% shareholder of Cognition Education Ltd.